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Blockchain comes to life with practical examples across Finance, Government, Healthcare & Supply Chain

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Our primers have multiple use cases


Bring your teams up to speed on any industry in less than 1 hour, giving them credibility and confidence.
ideal for
  • Analysts
  • Associates
  • Managers

Sales Teams

Provide your customer facing success teams with solid industry knowledge so they speak the client’s language.
ideal for
  • Sales
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success


Give time back to your leaders, and elevate the confidence they have in their team.

ideal for
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investors
  • New Hires

2 things you need to know if you work in learning or sales enablement

Boring content
does not get watched!
The Traditional Way
Talking heads & slides
Boring style of learning
Not engaging
Hard to follow
Our engaging bite-size
Animated, practical storytelling
Engaging & fun
High production quality
Insightful & interactive

Content Chapters

An introduction to Blockchain

Learn about the origin of the blockchain concept.
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Learn what blockchain is, and what makes it different from other digital record-keeping protocols.
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How it works

Learn how new data is added to a blockchain network. Learn how blockchains can be used to encode complex logic and functionality.
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Use Cases

Learn about some of the key use cases of blockchain.
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Types of Blockchain

Learn about the different types of blockchains.
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In Finance

Learn about how blockchain technology is used in capital markets.
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In Supply Chain

Learn about how blockchain technology is used in supply chains and logistics.
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In Government

Learn about how blockchain technology is used in the healthcare industry and in government.
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