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Ditch Dull Slide Decks for Entertainment-Quality, Digital-Learning Content

Above all else, we approach content creation from an ‘engagement first’ philosophy. Our entertaining, industry-learning content is unlike any other professional training material available.

Relevant, SME-Created Content

Industry-learning courses created in collaboration with seasoned experts from Fortune500 companies.

Concise, 1-Hour Crash Courses

Comprehensive courses allow anyone to learn the fundamentals of any industry in just 60 minutes.

Real-World Assessment Questions

Targeted assessment questions demonstrate learners truly understand the ins and outs of the industry.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Engagement monitoring ensures learners interact with the material and complete assignments on time.


Primerli is the single best investment we've made for our research teams. It helps us quickly build credibility with candidates and clients. Our clients know we see them as more than a transaction—all because we have a deep understanding of their industry and lingo from the outset… and it only takes us an hour of prep. Primerli is truly a game changer for executive search.”

Aaron H.
Head of Research - Global Executive Seach Firm

“It used to take me days or even weeks to ramp up my team when we start a new case. Now it takes one hour! It’s hard to believe just how much they pack into a 1 hour course, but they really don’t waste a minute of your time."

Stephen R.
Principal - Global Management Consulting Firm

“Primerli’s courses have been an incredible onboarding tool for us. It used to take days to onboard a new hire and teach them how the insurance industry works, but now any new hire can jump right into their responsibilities from their very first day.”

Jack P.
Head of Talent - Insurtech Firm

“We’ve found that things really run a lot more smoothly when everyone in our corporation, from customer service reps to senior execs, understands how the overall banking industry works. The biggest benefit of Primerli has been the increased engagement from employees. Primerli really changed the way we think about employee onboarding.”

Lisa R.
Chief Learning Officer - Global Bank

“Primerli has really helped us understand exactly how our product fits into different industries. Having this kind of context is invaluable because our salespeople have been able to quickly create use cases, enrich conversations with prospects, and close a lot more deals.

Ava P.
Founder & CEO - HR Software Company

“Lawyers always look at problems through a legal lens, but Primerli opened up this secret door into our clients’ context. Now, I not only understand their legal problems but also their business. That’s a different level of engagement.”

Miranda L.
Legal Counsel

“Primerli has been such a great resource for preparing our students for life after graduation. They can evaluate their career options, narrow down which industries might be right for them, and even prepare for interviews. We’ve already heard from several students that their interviews went so much better thanks to Primerli’s content.

John P.
Director, Career Services

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