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With your vast industry expertise, you are uniquely qualified to share your years of industry experience and join us on our mission to abolish boring slide decks and transform professional education with entertaining and engaging industry-learning content.

At Primerli, We believe the best possible impact you can make on society is sharing knowledge.

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Let’s face it, most professional learning content is ineffective, time-consuming, and just plain boring. At Primerli, we are taking the modern standards of structure, storytelling, and production quality, and applying them to create learning content that is not just effective, but also enjoyable.

The career landscape is changing rapidly—with professionals more frequently needing to work across different industries, getting up to speed and learning the nuances of any given industry has never been more important. As former management consultants, we experienced this need first hand—and built a solution to make acquiring industry expertise fast and easy.

We believe digital learning is the answer to stagnation in professional education. Our first-of-its-kind industry primers harness agement first’ content philosophy—distilling decades of industry knowledge into concise, 1-hour courses.‍ See how you can take part in our mission to raise the bar in digital learning.

Primerli Expert Requirements

Industry Experience

At least 5-10 years experience in target industry, preferably at one of the industry's major players.

Consulting Background

Some management consulting experience is preferred, but not required.

Passion for Education

An interest in transforming the professional education landscape and sharing your industry knowledge.

How We Invest in Our Experts
Remote Consultations

We interview experts in 1-2 hour blocks spread across 2-4 weeks

Long-Term Partnership

We’re seeking experts to help expand our content library in current and future engagements

Competitive Compensation

We offer a competitive, hourly rate based on years of experience

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